use any means necessary
Influencers are not just paid bloggers, but anyone your target audience will lissen to. Use that to get a unique angle.

Testicular cancer has been trying to get middelage menn to take there health seriously for ages. but the target audience is inherently not interested in health until they get sick. by changing the focus to there loved ones we made there family members our greatest ambassadors…

So now the target audience is not middelage menn, but there daughter, son, wife, partner, grandkids, and so on. So now we can tailer multiple campings to target the different targer audiences.

The design shown here is just a example to show how we would use emotional photos to connect to the target audience.

To activate the younger target audience we collaborate with Joe the Juice, coffee & juice shop. By making a SoMe activity. On fathers day we will give your father a free beverage if you take a photo with your father at one of our restaurants, post it on instagram and tag it #kjærepappa.

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